Hanging Artificial Leaves Wreath For Festivals

Short Description:

1. Lush and beautiful appearance
2. Vividly modeled with the orange leaves
3. Require no effort for maintenance
Our artificial wreaths are suitable for hanging on the walls, doorways and windows. They are available in different colors and sizes. As a result, they offer endless decorating possibilities. Just hang them on, let the gorgeous wreaths warm up the ambiance of your living space and bring out the festival mood instantly.

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Product Description

The original materials for making wreaths are natural plant materials such as flowers, grass, and wicker, which are woven into rings and worn on the head as makeup. However, as people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and at the same time do not want to lose the ecological beauty of wreaths, there emerge many artificial wreaths made of paper, cloth and plastic. Among these materials, the plastic is supposed to be the most durable and realistic. Use artificial wreaths as a crucial component in your greenspace to strengthen your link with the nature world.


Key Details

Type G71601
Diameter 50cm
Weight 550g
Shape Round
Materials PE
Color Green and orange
Lifetime 4-5 years
Packing Size 52x52x35cm
Package 7pcs/ctn
Usage Suitable for decorating front doors, bedroom, birthdays, parties and coffee shops.
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, PayPal, etc.

Key Features


1. The fine coloring process with 100% pure color pigments makes our wreaths more realistic and full of vitality.
2. The leaves are detachable. You can adjust them or do a DIY match according to your idea.
3. There is a plastic rubber ring with a build-in-hook at the back of each wreath. It is designed for easy hanging.
4. All the artificial wreaths are made of fully UV stable and fire rated materials.
5. The wreaths are suitable for all seasons and all kinds of weather.
6. Fresh-like wreath provides the sense with many delights.
7. Great for decoration anywhere all year round, boosting up the festive atmosphere.

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