Fake Greenery Wall With Artificial Plants And Flowers

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This fake greenery wall has a realistic appearance and feels without the maintenance of live plants. Detailed with lifelike leaves and flowers to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

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Product Details

•  Material: Polyethylene (PE)

•  Size100x100 cm

•  Color Reference: Green, white, purple,  and brown

•  Packing: Carton of 5 fake greenery wall panels

•  Packing Size: 101x52x35 cm

•  Warranty: 4-5 years

•  Lead time: 2-4 weeks

•  Application: Schools, cafes, yards, wedding photography backdrop, plazas, casinos, resorts, etc.

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Our fake greenery wall looks so real and adds greenery to even the dullest surfaces. It's perfect for creating green walls, and privacy fences, or to disguise unsightly areas such as stained walls. It is durable and UV-proof.

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Product Strengths

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Premium Material

Our fake greenery walls are made of high-quality fresh PE materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions without fading or cracking.

Wide Applications

Decorative fake greenery walls are perfect for privacy, beautifying and transforming your backyard fence, patio, walkway, garden, walls, rooms, indoor or outdoor with a realistic look.

Easy to Install

Each greenery panel features interlocking connectors for easy do-it-yourself installation. 

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