3D Anti-UV Artificial Grass Decoration Hanging Green Artificial Grass Plant Wall For Garden Decoration Outdoor Indoor

Short Description:

100cm X 100cm Faux Greenery Wall:
1.Real To The Touch: This Design Is Covered With Lifelike Green Leaves Crafted From Plastic.
2.Indoor & Outdoor Use: Five-Year Uv Stable; All Year Round Green.
3.Unique Design: Quick Qnd Easy To Install.
4.Weatherproof No Maintenance

Certificated available:SGS,  Lead free, UV-resistance,REACH

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Artificial plant wall has already become a new trend nowadays. It has been used more and more often in interior and exterior landscape decoration. Although the simulated plant is not a real plant, it has its shortcomings compared with the living plant. However, in many environments and spaces, the faux plant has an irreplaceable position when considering the factors of watering, fertilization and maintenance.


Data Sheet

Item No. G718031
Brand Name GRACE
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Measurements 100x100cm
Weight Approx. 2.7KGS
Color Green, white, yellow and purple
Materials New PE
Warranty 4-5 years
Packing Size 101x52x35cm
Package Type 5 panels/ctn
Usage It is very suitable for house, office, hotel, shop, airport and many other kinds of indoor and outdoor decoration.
Sample Available(5-7days)
Delivery Time 7-30 days


The artificial plants are all made from chemical products and have some common properties of plastic products. Here are some tips you need to take notice of.

Firstly, keep away from fire and avoid ultra-high temperature. Do not put them next to equipment or instruments with high heat generation, so as not to cause the deformation and discoloration.
Secondly, do not leave the artificial plants in water for a long time, especially in hot water, otherwise they may fade.
Thirdly, do not expose the plastic plants to the hot sun. Dry the plants in the shade after washing.
Remember these tips, make your living wall panels ever-lasting and evergreen.


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