Artificial Yucca Leaves Panels Indoor And Outdoor Decoration

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Artificial grass wall panels belong to one kind of decorative wall that allow people to live in a living environment closer to nature. Compared to the real plants, fake plants are not restricted by soil, water or weather. They have the characteristics of UV resistance, moisture proof, non-deformation and non-toxicity. Decorate your walls with elegant green wall panels, they are quite easy to install.

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Model G718039
Size 100x100cm
Weight Approx. 3.5KGS
Available Colors Same as photo
Main Materials 100% New PE
Warranty 4-5 years
Packing Size 101x52x35cm
Package 5 pcs/ctn
Using Living room, office work area, star hotels, restaurants, etc.
Occasion April Fool's Day, Back to School, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Earth Day, Easter, etc.
Function Privacy screening, garden design, landscape projects, indoor & outdoor decoration.

Installation Recommendations

How to install artificial boxwood grass panels on the wall? Please follow the steps provided below:

Step 1. Measurement
Measure the size of the wall where the plant walls need to be installed by using a tape measure. Work out the accurate quantity of the mesh wire and the panels needed.


Step 2. Fixing the mesh wire to the wall
Cut the mesh wire into appropriate size according to wall size. Mark the punching positions on the wall. Drill holes at the marked positions with an electric drill. Insert an expansion screw into every hole and tap the screw in with a hammer. Attach the mesh wire to the wall. Use a wrench to cover the nut. In this way, the mesh wire can be firmly fixed.


Step 3. Connecting the panels
Use the snap locks mechanism for interlocking the panels. Combine the panels together to a suitable size in the same direction.


Step 4. Fastening the panels
Use the cable ties to fasten the panels to the mesh wire and cut off the excess parts of zip ties with a pair of scissors. Dress the wall with extra foliage and flowers once the panels have been installed. Spend some time ruffling and bending the plants for a natural look.


In this way, a living artificial plant wall is installed. If you have any problems during installation, please contact us for advice.

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