UV Protection Foliage Boxwood Hedge Panel Artificial Plants Wall Faux Grass Green Wall For Privacy Vertical Garden

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50cm X 50cm Faux Greenery Wall:
1.Real To The Touch: This Design Is Covered With Lifelike Green Leaves Crafted From Plastic.
2.Indoor & Outdoor Use: Five-Year Uv Stable; All Year Round Green.
3.Unique Design: Quick Qnd Easy To Install.
4.Weatherproof No Maintenance

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Bring energy and vibrant colors to your space with our dense and leafy faux plant panels. With a beautiful fusion of colors and an amazing 3D effect, our high-quality panel is your best choice to refresh your setting. When you are bothered by the ugly and damaged walls or ceiling, our flexible panel is just what you need to mask flaws.

Product ID G717104B
Weight 550g
Dimensions 50x50cm
Manufacturer Grace
Color Customized color
Materials Brand-new imported PE
Warranty 4-5 years
Packing Size 52x52x35cm or customized
Package 14pcs per carton
Lead time 2-4 weeks
Occasion Graduation, Halloween, Mother's Day, Father’s Day, New Year, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, etc.
Advantages High degree of simulation; super power of anti-aging and anti-fading; UV resistance.
Customization Acceptable

Care Instructions

Everyone knows that real plants need maintenance and so do the artificial plants. Once installed, the fake plants and walls are virtually maintenance free but require an occasional clean and repair. Follow these simple guidelines to prolong the appearance and life-span of your artificial plants and living walls.

1. You may need to clean your indoor artificial living wall every 6 months. Simply use a duster to wipe the leaves, and for any stubborn dust use a damp cloth.
2. For outdoor artificial walls, we can wash directly with water by using a garden hose.


3. If the leaves fall off, just clean and dry them up, then insert them back to the original place. Sometimes, you may need hot melt adhesive or cable ties to put them back if the interfaces are broken.
4. Occasionally, some twigs may fall off. We can fix the twigs with a staple gun.


1. Do not use chemicals.
2. Do not use excessive force while washing.
3. Ladders are necessary for cleaning huge vertical living walls.
4. Color the fading plants when needed.

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