Custom Garden Decor Topiary Fake Jungle Panel Green Artificial Grass Plant Boxwood Ivy Wall

Short Description:

100cm X 100cm Faux Greenery Wall:
1.Real To The Touch: This Design Is Covered With Lifelike Green Leaves Crafted From Plastic.
2.Indoor & Outdoor Use: Five-Year Uv Stable; All Year Round Green.
3.Unique Design: Quick Qnd Easy To Install.
4.Weatherproof No Maintenance

Certificated available:SGS,  Lead free, UV-resistance,REACH

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Technical Details

Item G718051
Size 100x100cm
Shape Square
Colour Dark green, white and yellow mixed
Materials PE
Warranty 4-5 years
Packing Size 101x52x35cm
Package 5pcs/ctn
Gross Weight 17kg
Manufacturing Injection moulded polyethylene

Product Description

1. What is artificial green wall?
The artificial green wall is regarded as one kind of decoration arts. It is uaually attached on the wall, ceiling and fence. Composed of high-simulation small plants and flowers, the artificial green wall provides a realistic look. It is designed by engineers with reference to the natural growth state of the real plant wall in the nature. With no limitations, it can be applied to various space that you can image to bring great cheer and liveliness.

2. What are the advantages of artificial green wall?

Strong Plasticity & Environment Conservation

Due to the high elasticity of the plastic material, the artificial green wall can be matched with models of special heights and shapes and can be kept evergreen as well. Now the artificial plants are not only rich in variety, but also highly realistic in texture and color. The raw materials are mainly eco-friendly PE materials which are certified to be safe.

Unrestricted by the environment

For indoor places, such as offices, hotels and underground spaces, there is a serious lack of light all year round. In some outdoor places like high walls, corners and plazas, it is not only inconvenient to water, but also exposed to the burning sun. The maintenance of living plant walls will be more costly. On the contrary, the artificial plants are less affected by the weather or space.

Cost-effective & Maintenance Free

The prices of the artificial green walls are not high and some are much lower than real flowers and real grass. Due to the light plastic material, they are convenient to transport and easy to carry. More importantly, the maintenance of the fake plants is simpler than the real ones. The fake leaves do not mildew or rot. Watering, pruning and pest control are not required.


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