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50cm X 50cm Faux Greenery Wall:
1.Real To The Touch: This Design Is Covered With Lifelike Green Leaves Crafted From Plastic.
2.Indoor & Outdoor Use: Five-Year Uv Stable; All Year Round Green.
3.Unique Design: Quick Qnd Easy To Install.
4.Weatherproof No Maintenance

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Model No. G717140
Weight 665g
Size 50x50cm
Shape Square
Materials PE
Composition Eucalyptus leaves and pink flowers
Warranty 4-5 years
Packing Size 52x52x35cm
Package 10pcs/ctn
Strengths Once installed, it required no ongoing work;
Waterproof, sun protection, lifelike fresh green color, protects against fading;
Fitting for wall, fence screen of any density.
Applications Exhibition center, retail & shopping center, offices, amusement park, sea park and so on.

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Landscape Projects

Nowadays, many landscape projects prefer to use artificial plants, trees and green wall panels for instant and easy wall building. We can see large backdrops filled with different artificial plants in the parks, scenic spots and elevated roads.


Home Decoration

The artificial plant wall plays an important role for home decorating. If you are not satisfied with a dark corridor or a dull living room at home, you can simply try a few plants to help. They will attract people’s attention and impress your friends and neighbors. If you are worried about the backyard without privacy or bored with the balcony lacking greenness, faux plants are your perfect solutions to add privacy and a touch of greenery.


Commercial Designs

The decorating materials that need to take up a lot of space are no longer suitable for today’s commercial landscaping development. While the artificial plant wall is different. It does not need to occupy a large area of space. Wall decoration is the most suitable for commercial streets and commercial complexes for enhancing the overall atmosphere.


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