Simulated Jungle Plant Panel Wall Panel Artificial 3D Plant Fiber Texture Panel Artificial Boxwood

Short Description:

• 5 years warranty
• Factory price
• Realistic beautiful foliage
• Strict quality controls
Grace 100 cm by 100 cm artificial 3D wall panels have high softness and good elasticity. They will not be affected by the climate at all. They can be used in cold, high temperature and other extreme climate areas. Thus, they will be used for a long time and help to save costs.

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The simulated plant wall is a vertical garden system designed for both interior and exterior applications. It is an innovative product for considering different intents and purposes. It is also regarded as Plant Wallpaper which means can be used on curved surfaces and can be cut to fit any space because of its strong flexibility. Attached on a rigid, our plant panels can be used to create green walls and visual screens. You can fix the back of each panel to your roof, walls or ceilings surface with either nail plugs, cable ties or screws.


Product Features

Item Simulated Jungle Plant Panel Wall Panel Artificial 3D Plant Fiber Texture Panel Artificial Boxwood
Brand Name GRACE
Measurements 100x100cm
Color Reference Green and white
Materials PE
Advantages UV and fire Resistance
Life Time 4-5 years
Packing Size 101x52x35cm
Package Carton of 5 panels
Application Decoration of house, office, wedding, hotel, airport, etc.
Delivery By sea, railway and air.

Our Advantages

Premium Materials: We use imported refined materials in production in order to make sure our products have the real nature color and strong durability.
Quality Assurance: Our artificial plant wall panels are SGS certified and are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They have passed the Light Ageing Test under sun exposure.
Abundant Experience: We have talented designers and professional workers with more than 20 years of production experience which we are so proud of.


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